Product Features

Feature One

Multiple studies suggest that non monetary factors such as the workplace culture, learning opportunities, and people whom they will work with play a significant role when a candidate is deciding on joining an organization. With more than 75% of today’s candidates being passive, it takes some convincing from an employer’s side to attract the best of candidates.

Your careers app provides an unmatched capability to showcase employer brand to the talent pool in terms of your vision, your emphasis on diversity and inclusion, the voice of your employees and more.

Importantly, the employer branding is not an add-on but seamlessly integrated in the process of applying. After reading the job description,

  • The candidate gets to play a video.
  • Hearing from the hiring manager - about the nature of work
  • The growth and the learning opportunities in the role.

Another video in which peers in the same role share their experiences. Another from the leader of this team about the how their work is changing the world.

While this helps to attract top talent, it enables the candidate to self-evaluate the fit between their skills and the role expectations and make an informed decision to apply for a job. This helps you as an organization get better candidates.

Several organizations are using their careers app conduct virtual campus drives effortlessly by coordinately with the Training and Placement Officers. In such a scenario, the communication and branding videos serve enable a virtual physical pre-placement talk on the app for each applicant. This enables organizations to cover 10X more campuses for hiring with zero impact on their budget.

Automated Screening:

Reduce your hiring effort significantly by automating your screening steps.

When a candidate applies to a position on your careers app, they would be presented with an assessment. If score above the cut-off, they would be automatically presented with another assessment. On scoring above the cut-off, they are presented an asynchronous video interview. They answer the questions which gets uploaded and submitted. This is an example of a 3 step automated screening process which works seamlessly for a candidate.

The process can be configured for each position. For example, for a position, there might be just one assessment leading to an interview; for another directly an interview and for yet another absolutely nothing. The cut-off scores and questions are customized for each role.

The assessments are proctored. Each question is timed and is randomly presented from a large pool.

As the multi-step process is internet independent, the candidates experience remains smooth and un-interrupted from the time they tap on apply. The app automatically detects the network and uploads the candidate response.

The employer dashboard enables quick and easy decision making by recruiters or hiring managers. It updates the candidates automatically in real time on the app and via email.

Open Referrals:

Wake-up to the power of disruption - the power of crowd-sourcing talent. Your Careers app comes with a strong social referral capability and enables the possibility to turn every applicant into a potential referrer. One tap on the app is all it takes to share a position on Whatsapp, facebook or any social platform, making it very convenient.

Why would they an applicant refer your jobs in their network? Well, if they have had a great experience in applying to your organization in terms of convenience, information availability and real time status updates, they would like to share it in their network, especially when given the right nudge via in-app notifications at the right moment.

Alternately, you can declare a few referral rewards and encourage them to this more actively. The tracking of referrals is automated and the reward distribution is enabled via our partnership with leading wallet providers.

The wallet partnership also exposes your app to a talent pool of 100+ million people.

While the concept of open referrals is disruptive, depending on your organizational policy, you can limit it only your employees, while still making use of this feature in your app. Invite all your employees to download your careers app and encourage them to refer your positions.

Vendor Management:

Extend your hiring automation via your careers app to include your staffing vendors, whether for contingent/temp staffing or for your permanent recruitment support. This is enabled by a specially designed 'vendor module'.

This would enable the vendors to reach out to a larger pool of candidates without calling them to a specific location and get them processed faster. They can use their dashboard to send email and SMS invites to candidates. The candidates download and apply on your careers app and are tagged to the vendors who invited them. The vendors have visibility of the selection status of their own candidates.

As a company this also enables you to analyze and track the performance of various vendor partners via detailed analytics available.

Mobile first:

The candidate interface of our product is mobile only. Delivering the best candidate experience is at the core of our mobile first strategy.

Seventy five percent of internet use will be on mobile in 2017, as per Zenith, leading global media buying agency. As the talent pool is on mobile most of the time, it only makes sense to reach out to them, catch their attention and engage with them on their device.

Our patent pending technology delivers the best candidate experience, making it un-interrupted and smooth irrespective of the mobile internet bandwidth. On one hand, our native android and iOS apps optimize the audio and video recording quality for effective upload, on the other, they suffice the evaluation requirements of the hiring team.

This translates into a comprehensive set of functionalities such as timed questions, proctored assessments, front and back camera controls, audio and video compression, multi-media attached question types and sequential processing which together the best candidate experience


Your careers app provides you a huge opportunity to engage with your talent pool. using a combination of notifications, status updates and analytics driven campaigns based on the user actions on the app, you can drive the desired behavior whether it is applying for a job or referring someone else.

Several engagement opportunities exist, for instance:

  • Real time status update on the app about their application
  • Updates about new jobs published
  • Updates about referral rewards
  • Updates about the referral status
  • Recommendation of a suitable position based on their skills or interest
  • Suggestion to refer someone immediately after a positive notification
  • Notification about publishing of new content on the app
  • Notification about having received feedback on the app

Your careers app can help you build a community of talent pool as well as active referrers interested in your organization.

On-boarding training

Make the most of your careers app. Advance your on-boarding training to the pre-joining period. The candidates whom you have made the offer, invite them to take the on-boarding training on your app. Using an access code, they can consume your “secure” training content even before joining. They can also get feedback from the trainer in case of any doubts.

The candidates would learn using the bite sized video and document content, then take assessments to validate their learning effectiveness. You can track their progress.

Another use case for this feature is to impart regular on the job product training to your workforce, especially if they are on the field such as in sales or on the floor such as in retail. In situations where it is difficult to get employees into the classroom, the training can be imparted in a self-service mode via the app.

The impact is self evident. Huge cost savings and accelerated productivity of your workforce.

3 Simple steps to Get Started

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