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Use ePoise to:

Attract Talent: Showcase your employer branding

Get your own Careers app on play store and app store – powered by ePoise.

Attract top talent with relevant skills. For every position, they can hear from the hiring manager about the nature of work, the growth and the learning opportunities in the role. A video from the leadership team about how this work is changing the world and another from peers about their personal experience.

Automate screening using assessments and video interviews

Reduce your hiring effort by 70%, enabling automated multi-step assessments leading to an asynchronous video interview.

Completely customizable for every role, delivering an un-interrupted, convenient experience for the candidate and minimizing the screening effort for the recruiter.

Effortless integration with your existing ATS using our open APIs

Find Talent: Unleash the power of ‘open referrals’

Turn every applicant into a potential referrer for your organization by leveraging the strong social capabilities of your careers app. Alternately, use the capability to power employee referrals.

Leverage our partnership with leading wallet providers to expand the reach of your careers app to 100+ million people.

Enable your staffing vendors

Include your staffing vendors also in your hiring automation. This could be for temp staffing or for permanent recruitment support.

your staffing partners can invite their candidates on your careers app. The candidate vendor tagging is automated and they get complete visibility of the selection status.

Automate your On boarding training

Enable on-boarding training ‘securely’ on the careers app for new joiners, enabling them to take it even before they join. Track their progress.

Save hugely in terms of cost and accelerate productivity of your workforce.

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